River Verses

"I will delight in your decrees and not forget your word."- Ps 119:16

´╗┐These words from the Psalmist give us two important questions to ponder. First, will we delight in God's Word? For most of us, we don't fully understand what that means. For us to delight in God's Word, we must develop a taste for it, and that comes by regular engagement with the Bible.

The second question is, do we have a plan for not only reading the Bible, but remembering what it says? Chances are this can be a struggle for most of us, so we have created River Verses. Built on the Fighter Verses model, each month we will provide 4 small passages (usually just 1-2 verses) to meditate on and memorize. These verses are organized around some of the most important spiritual principles that guide our walk with Jesus and are at heart of Clear River's DNA.

It's going be a great adventure!

Just click on the current month below and join us.